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    This week, we talk a lot in Ireland of the help put in place by the government to help to repair damages caused by Clodagh river that has recently emerged from his bed. In the present state of things, we know that the Minister Hogan declared that the amount of financial assistance for repairs would amount to 70 millions. Moreover, we know that the Minister of Social Welfare has allocated over 10 millions of humanitarian funding for the replacement of household items damaged by the flood.

    Differents zones which were affected by the flood were quickly rescued and devices are being put in place to prevent this kind of event does not happen again, they represent an investment of more than 22 millions.


    Inondation Irlande


    These floods had a strong impact on the economy, as Plunkett station was severely damaged and is an essential part of the public transport network of Waterford.

    Today, although the mechanisms put in place are allowed to control the water that came out of the river. However, we must not forget that it will take some time to do all repairs

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  • St. Patrick's Day is an important public holiday in Ireland because it is the symbol of a turning point in the Irish history. Saint Patrick was a Scottish evangelist who converted Ireland to Christianity in the 9th century.


    During the sermon of the Rock of Cashel, he explained the concept of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) to the Irish with a clover, which thus became the symbol of Ireland. The metaphor of "chasing the sea snakes" comes from the legend that St. Patrick would cast all snakes out of the country. This action symbolizes the conversion of the Irish people to the Christianity, snakes are people who have polytheistic beliefs Celtic Irish of the time.

    The Irish are very attached to the religion, they made ​​this event a national holiday that they celebrate for several days. Note that if that day is a Sunday, the following Monday is still a holiday.

    Although this event is specific to Ireland, it is celebrated all around in the world, whether in Canada, Australia, France or the United States where Chicago stands out by coloring its river in green.


    Rivière Chicago à la Saint-Patrick


    This year Limerick made ​​every thing big because the 16th March, to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the International Band Championship, it is not less than 1000 musicians that moved. On the 17th March, there were more than 70,000 spectators in the streets for the parade of the St. Patrick's Day.

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  • Although Ireland is a country close to France, but the fact that it is an English speaking country created some cultural differences, especially in the professional business world.


    In fact, since I started my internship I observed the existence of several cultural differences. Including being an intern for example. In France when we are trainees our scope is often limited to some simple and repetitive tasks, the fact of doing more things that we gave us is not tolerated. In Ireland it is the opposite, initially we have a quick briefing on the situation and purpose, we are free to the means employed to achieve it. And if we want to invest more by doing work that we are not requested it will only be well seen. In my business I'm really considered as a true employee, trainee status is imperceptible, I find it particularly rewarding.

    Another thing that I noticed is the atmosphere within the company that is much more relaxed than in France. It must be said that the Irish have a relaxed and efficient way to work well with them. It is the same in terms of the hierarchy, it exists, but is not felt at all. How to receive customers and talk with them, it is really like talking with friends more than customers.

    Working hours are also a difference as I begin to work every day at 9 am and debauchery 6 pm with one hour for the lunch time, on Friday it is the same thing exept that I finish to work at half past two. It is far from the organization that can be found in a French company.


    France vs Irlande

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  • The most important step when we have an internship abroad is to find an accommodation. It could be quite complex especially as we must do everything remotely before leaving or to do once we arrive on site.



    La recherche de logement


    Before to begin on the search for this property it is good to know what we want. We must still be reasonable, because this situation will take only three months, there is no need to invest for a short period. The first relevant criterion that can be establish is to know if we accept the principle of collocation or not. Naturally the question of the budget may provide an answer to this. However, do not overlook the possibility of a roommate because it allows you to meet people and thus enjoy a maximum immersion.

    As mentioned previously, the housing search can be done remotely via the internet. This solution can be complicated and risky, because we can not ensure of its actual state or its geographical advantages (transport, shops, etc.). The alternative is to do everything on site. For people who tend to stress, this is perhaps not the right solution. Nevertheless, that allows you to visit the homes and you can realize if they are actually practices with respect to your work placement. The trick is to arrive in the country a few days or a week before the start of the course and take a hotel room or go to a hostel so you have time to find something.

    In Limerick this research is not too complicated, as the city has several university towns to accommodate all students. However beware prices displayed because they do not take into account either the consumption of electricity nor hot water and can easily double the price per week. There are many apartments in the city, some may have a good price.

    Finally, if you seem lost in this research should not hesitate to ask some help to your tutor, it could be unfortunate to pass up to a golden opportunity. If it still gives nothing do not forget that there are specialized websites for that in Ireland there eg Daft is particularly efficient.

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  • After making nearly half of my internship at Pat Carrol & Company, a firm of chartered accountant and tax advisor established in 1998, it seems interesting to detail the tasks that have been entrusted to me, because they are interesting and give me a lot professionally.



    Pat Carroll & Company logo



    My first mission, the most important is to set up and manage the image of the company on social networks to develop its reputation, it is E-marketing. The objective is to stay in touch with customers to see get back. To do this, one must understand how the visibility and traffic of a website or a blog work. Then you must use specific tools like Google safe browsing, dlvr.it or different plug-ins. Finally, it should publish regularly on social networks content by adapting it to fit the image of the company, it reaches the target, etc.. In one month, the traffic of the website and blog of the company has doubled.

    My second task is to manage the French sector. That means to negotiate with banks, businesses, real estate agencies, etc.. But also meet clients in this sector. Moreover, from the second week I had to ensure an meeting with a client. It should also be able to analyze each situation, which are many, and resolve any contingencies as quickly as possible.

    To conclude, this internship fills my expectations in any case I do not regret my choice. I also believe that it allowed me to analyze and understand the professional world and the expectations that employers have for their future employees. On an educational aspect, it allowed me to put into practice what has been seen in course, but also to learn new methods and new tools. 


    You can visit the website of Pat Carroll & Company: Pat Carroll & Company

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