• Irish employment market

    Today nobody should ignore that countries are facing a global economic crisis. Ireland is no an exception of this rule and has been affected by it in 2008 and since it directly affected the labor market in this country.


    Faced to this economic crisis the households were facing job losses, lower wages, etc. This therefore leads to a rise in unemployment in the country, which went from 3.7% in early 2008 to 14.7% in 2011. Although the end of 2012 we can see a slight growth in the Irish economy, it has not resulted in a significant increase in employment. And you should know that these new jobs are largely part-time.

    Therefore, although the number of workers has increased, the number of hours of work carried out has actually declined. This creates a problem for the society as a third of these part-time jobs is occupied by a person calling themselves underemployed, this number has increased considerably in recent years.

    Since the economic crisis many sectors such as the production of goods, services and industry had wipe a lost of jobs. However since 2011 the construction sector has managed to stabilize the number of jobs and the agriculture and fisheries have even seen this number grow.


    Marché de l'emploi Irlandais


    Currently in Ireland external demand stay weak, more national tax revenues decline which suggests the best short and medium term low growth. Therefore, the labor market will not continue to increase rapidly but a little change. However it will not be the same depending on the sector.

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