• Search for an accommodation

    The most important step when we have an internship abroad is to find an accommodation. It could be quite complex especially as we must do everything remotely before leaving or to do once we arrive on site.



    La recherche de logement


    Before to begin on the search for this property it is good to know what we want. We must still be reasonable, because this situation will take only three months, there is no need to invest for a short period. The first relevant criterion that can be establish is to know if we accept the principle of collocation or not. Naturally the question of the budget may provide an answer to this. However, do not overlook the possibility of a roommate because it allows you to meet people and thus enjoy a maximum immersion.

    As mentioned previously, the housing search can be done remotely via the internet. This solution can be complicated and risky, because we can not ensure of its actual state or its geographical advantages (transport, shops, etc.). The alternative is to do everything on site. For people who tend to stress, this is perhaps not the right solution. Nevertheless, that allows you to visit the homes and you can realize if they are actually practices with respect to your work placement. The trick is to arrive in the country a few days or a week before the start of the course and take a hotel room or go to a hostel so you have time to find something.

    In Limerick this research is not too complicated, as the city has several university towns to accommodate all students. However beware prices displayed because they do not take into account either the consumption of electricity nor hot water and can easily double the price per week. There are many apartments in the city, some may have a good price.

    Finally, if you seem lost in this research should not hesitate to ask some help to your tutor, it could be unfortunate to pass up to a golden opportunity. If it still gives nothing do not forget that there are specialized websites for that in Ireland there eg Daft is particularly efficient.

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