• Cultural differences in business

    Although Ireland is a country close to France, but the fact that it is an English speaking country created some cultural differences, especially in the professional business world.


    In fact, since I started my internship I observed the existence of several cultural differences. Including being an intern for example. In France when we are trainees our scope is often limited to some simple and repetitive tasks, the fact of doing more things that we gave us is not tolerated. In Ireland it is the opposite, initially we have a quick briefing on the situation and purpose, we are free to the means employed to achieve it. And if we want to invest more by doing work that we are not requested it will only be well seen. In my business I'm really considered as a true employee, trainee status is imperceptible, I find it particularly rewarding.

    Another thing that I noticed is the atmosphere within the company that is much more relaxed than in France. It must be said that the Irish have a relaxed and efficient way to work well with them. It is the same in terms of the hierarchy, it exists, but is not felt at all. How to receive customers and talk with them, it is really like talking with friends more than customers.

    Working hours are also a difference as I begin to work every day at 9 am and debauchery 6 pm with one hour for the lunch time, on Friday it is the same thing exept that I finish to work at half past two. It is far from the organization that can be found in a French company.


    France vs Irlande

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