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    As an ECE student (INSEEC Group) I must make a three-months internship abroad. This is how I will stay in Ireland, specifically in Limerick to create a marketing department in an accounting firm. I will also be in charge of France this company.To begin this second year internship in the best conditions, I had to get organized and plan different things before departure.


    Two elements are crucial, the first is to verify if we have all the necessary documents to stay in the country, in my case an identity card is sufficient. The second is to find housing. For me, it was not a difficult task because in Limerick there are many students, therefore there are many housing opportunities (host families, students villages, dorm room, etc.). However, it should not rush into his choice, because it is not always pleasant to live and economic locations (shared facilities, electricity payable weekly, costs of transport to go to work, etc.).

    It should also organize the trip to get there and the return. As my internship is happening in Ireland, I took two different planes and a bus to go to Limerick. Purchase his return flight and advance tickets can make significant savings, so you need to think about that ! To choose the right bus company that would allow me to go from Dublin to Limerick, I just asked my tutor which take.

    Then comes the preparation of the case and all that we will use here. You have to think like clothing suited to the weather and season, adapters for foreign outlets, bank charges possible, the necessary insurance, take into account surcharges package phone abroad and see if it would not be wise to take a pass on site. It should also pay attention to the rules when you fly (weight of cargo, contraband, etc.).


    Falaises de Moher


    I suggest you to prepare a checklist that you will not forget anything on the way there and back.

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